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All In A Year

something of the past.

The First Comeback Kid LJ Community
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The First Comeback Kid Community on LiveJournal. That's right.

Community Rules:
[break them, and I break your face]

1) NO band bashing, at all. This is a community for FANS of Comeback Kid. If you're here to bash them, I will remove or ban you. This includes bashing the band for their religious beliefs.
2) If you have a community on LJ that you wish to promote here, feel free, but try to keep it within the topic range (i.e. hardcore related things, etc.) If you try to promote a community for say, people who love elephants that ride tricyles and wear tutu's, don't even think about staying here [or people taking you seriously]. You get the point.
3) Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

Community maintained by: Barrie radioscam; created 2/3/04
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*all graphics borrowed from http://www.comeback-kid.com [user icon] and http://www.facedownrecords.com [background image and logo]*