starr (sup_brosef) wrote in comeback_kid_hc,

Hey, i'm new.
I don't know if this is allowed, so i'll put it behind a cut,
but i have a question.

So, I have these lyrics, but i can't remember who plays the song.
I have a good feeling it's Modern Life Is War, but I don't know the name of the song.
If some one could help me out, thanks alot.

These are the lyrics:

"This is a lesson in letting your gaurd down. Sometimes open arms are an invitation for disaster. So next time, I'll trust my fucking instincts. Next time you come around, all you will get are cold stares & cold shoulders. I'll be crouching with my fists clenched in the corner. I can only hang on so tight for so long. I'm letting you go. I will be just fine on my own. You can't come in. I'm leaving you out in the cold, BECAUSE THERE'S NO ROOM LEFT IN MY HEART FOR FAKES LIKE YOU."
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